Toronto has a way of wearing people down. With the constant noise, hustle and hurry there leaves little room for quiet reflection. Miles of Prairie, Lisa Marie Kruchak’s first full-length album, was crafted as an antidote to the claustrophobia of city life.

Singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Kruchak has been playing music in Toronto for the last 10 years, crafting moody folk songs played with her distinct, percussive guitar style and compelling vocals. Kruchak grew up in Winnipeg, engrossed in the vibrant music scene. She drew inspiration from her hometown for this album. “When surrounded by prairie there’s a feeling of being small, surrounded by vast sky and grasslands. Being lonely in such a big universe, yet feeling at one with nature – a very serene feeling. I wanted to try and recreate that feeling, sonically.”

Miles Of Prairie was recorded and mixed at Slaughterhouse 754, in Toronto’s east end, by Mitch Girio (Emma-Lee, Tamara Williamson, Flashlight Brown). Girio also played upright bass, piano and organ on the album. Golden, BC’s Gord Light also helped to flesh out the songs on guitar, banjitar and mandolin. Rounding out the band on percussion was Adam Warner (Jill Barber, Alejandra Ribera, Royal Wood). Sandra Fitzsimmons and Christina Foster (Lady Racers) provide the sweet vocal harmonies.

Miles of Prairie is a collection of songs written over the last decade, dealing with loss, loneliness and betrayal. The title track “Miles of Prairie,” is a gentle acoustic meditation upon these themes.

Kruchak, also an accomplished photographer, is a fixture in Toronto arts community. She has played the Junction Music Festival several times, showcased at Folk Alliance International and recently toured Western Canada.